Steel ladle management: an integrated view of the challenges in resistance, environmental impact, and economic issues

The groundbreaking developments by Seven Refractories for the management of steel ladles are becoming more and more popular among clients. In a recent scientific article entitled “Steel Ladle Management: An Integrated View of the Challenges in Resistance, Environmental Impact, and Economic Issues”, Luca Folco and Giuliano Copetti discuss the most important issues for the innovative technology, together with slides and a lecture hold via streaming because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a response to the challenges for physical meetings, Seven Refractories now provides the lecture also online on Youtube and on the webpage Viewers can watch the lecture online from the safe space of their (home) office.

“Over the past years, traditional brick solutions have become less economically viable over time, with periods when the price of bricks has sky-rocketed, challenging plant managers and technical experts to search for alternatives”, explains Giuliano Copetti. In the lecture, viable paths forward are presented , such as the application of the shotcreting technology  for steel ladles. An integrated method of applying shotcreting layer after layer onto an existing brick structure ensures financial savings and economic benefits, such as prolonged lifetime and a substantial reduction of downtime. Examples from several countries and factories demonstrate the efficiency and reliability of the new method.

“In my lecture, it was important not only to present the application as a new achievement of research and development, but to also showcase a real-life example. We were in the lucky position to have very innovation-oriented customers who allowed us to divulge parts of the findings from our work with them”, summarizes Luca Folco.
“So in hindsight, I have to say that I am happy about the new format – it meant additional work in preparing the virtual version of the lecture, but we now have a solid video that can be watched again and will bring benefits beyond the mere live event.”

You can see the video here:
The lecture was first published in the prestigious context of the yearly International Colloquium on Refractories in Aachen, which was held as a purely online event in September 2020: