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Iron industry

We offer a complete range of monolithic and precasted shape products suitable for any blast furnace repair.

Seven Taphole Clay

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Blast furnace repair

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The blast furnace is the heart of any iron production facility. Its optimal functioning ensures the well-being of the entire plant. Seven Refractories prides itself in being a blast furnace specialist. The company’s subsidiaries and teams have performed dozens of refractory projects on blast furnaces over the past years, from small and simple repairs to highly complex activities.

Each project is highly individual and unique, and Seven works with the entire palette of refractory materials and techniques. Where this is not enough, we develop new products to perfectly suit the project needs at hand. In a recent and highly complex project, Seven conducted a comprehensive repair of an entire blast furnace, involving several technical teams.

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    Why customers in this application choose Seven

    We help extend furnace life. Our customers benefit from an integrated offer of monolithic and pre-shaped products, engineering, installation, and technical support:

    • Blast furnace repair: platform, robotic repair
    • Runner Lining, casting, gunning, grouting, ramming
    • Manual and robotic shotcreting
    • Special projects and product development
    • Modular Heart Shield: our approach

    “Our clients in the iron industry not only appreciate the quality of our products, but also our clear service approach. We see it as our goal to perform set-up and maintenance work efficiently to decrease down time and project cost. A well-run furnace can save considerable amounts of fuel and cost.”

    Aleksei Patrakov
    Technical Manager Seven Refractories Russia

    Runner’s Repair

    Blast furnace lining engineering

    The high capital investment of blast furnace relines mandates that iron makers pursue the longest possible campaign life. While the hearth remains the most critical zone for repair, the stack can always be re-profiled. Robotic repairs or manual installation by lifting platform are the usual, long experienced techniques used worldwide.




    Engineering support is provided for product selection and turn key installations based on extensive international experience. The blast furnace service life extension, the environmental issues and cost reduction are aims of an open and mutual vision.

    Furnace life extension is optimized by advanced engineering refractory products.

    Seven Refractories offers a complete range of monolithic and precasted shape products suitable for any blast furnace repair.

    Casthouse engineering

    Casthouse performance is determined by runner and through design, product engineering and application technology. Seven’s main focus is to provide reliable high alumina and silicon corbide/carbon products for all refractory linings.

    Safety lining characteristics:

    • Long service life
    • No crack formations
    • Oxidation resistant
    • Iron and slag corrosion resistant
    • High mechanical properties
    • Casted on site or supplied in precasted blocks
    • Designed for zoned lining
    • Pitch-free and no toxic emission

    Working lining characteristics:

    • Designed for long campaign service life
    • Low, ultra-low cement and cement-free castables
    • Brown fused alumina and silicon carbide base
    • Highly erosion resistant
    • Slag resistance
    • Thermal cycling resistant
    • Low cracking behaviour
    • Pitch-free and no toxic emission

    Seven Refractories offers different lining solutions for your casthouse based on layout, installation technique, experience and user preference.