Seven Refractories 2020

Every new year provides an ideal occasion for reflection.

We look back, hopefully with pride, and we look into the future, hopefully with optimism.

For Seven Refractories, the start into this new year and this new decade is even more significant: we have completed the first ten years of our journey.

Ten years ago, we were a tiny team following a big vision. Sometimes visions are both big and simple at the same time.

So was ours: to build a top refractory company

  • with impeccable PRODUCT performance, but gentle to the environment, both in production and in usage,
  • through unmatched CUSTOMER SERVICE which would make us the preferred partner of our customers.

If we would deliver on these promises, we thought, growth would naturally follow.

Little did we know at the time that within ten years we would have 4 production sites, develop more than 800 new products, would reach 80 Mio EUR sales and serve customers in over 50 countries on 5 continents.

Little did we know that the industries our clients operated in would experience such massive shifts and would look for the most advanced refractory products.

Little did we know that ten years after our foundation the whole world would be talking about climate change and the pressing need for environmental responsibility.

Little did we know what exactly would happen.
We may not have had the so-called “perfect 20/20 vision”, but heading into 2020, we aim to continue implementing our mission and the rest will follow.

But neither looking back nor looking forward is enough.

Today let us look with gratitude to all the people who have shaped our success story: our customers, our colleagues, our suppliers, and all our stakeholders. Today, we thank all of them for turning our vision into reality.

We wish you all the best for the new decade!

Erik Zobec