Russia: Repair of mixer no. 8 for Rusal

Immediately after the start of Seven’s focus on aluminium, we were entrusted with a crucial task. Rusal, a leading aluminium producer, had a need of urgent delivery for the mixer in Sayanogorsk plant, Siberia.

Both the horizontal part and the ramp of the bath underwent repair works. Special materials by Seven Refractories were provided for the insulation layer, the working layer of the ramp as well as the ramp and sill.

“Seven performed this important project with a variety of materials available in an extremely short time”, explains Alexey Kirin, Technical Expert. “Both the time pressure and the combination of various materials proved to be a challenge. In the end we managed to produce and deliver the product 2 days before the agreed delivery time. We understood the satisfaction of the customer when received many thanks during our company presentation end of February»

Ensuring optimum consistency of the dry mix was key to the successful repair: hitting the right amount of water to dry mix ensures minimum shrinkage after hardening. Initial checks proved the emergency repair had been performed to the full satisfaction of the client.