Partnership with PROCER expands the Geographical Footprint of Seven Refractories

A new partnership with PROCER, part of PROTERMQ do Brasil Ltda group, enlarges the geographical footprint of Seven Refractories further in Latin America.

In operation since 1996, PROTERMQ is a significant player on the market, known for its agility, efficiency and comprehensive product solutions. The portfolio does not only consist of refractory lining specialties, but also metallic anchoring systems and insulation solutions.

“As a silica-alumina bricks producer, PROCER not only has state-of-the-art production facilities such as semi-automatic hydraulic presses or a tunnel kiln with more than 1,450° C and an automated non- shaped manufacturing system. Moreover, enjoys also very good reputation in the Brazilian market. We are therefore very excited about the expectations of our new partnership”, comments Roman Cheglov, Vice President Sales & Technology of Seven Refractories.

With an extensive product portfolio of mortars, castable material, silica-alumina bricks, and shaped pieces such as bricks and boards, PROCER is well equipped to integrate the newest developments of Seven Refractories into the existing offers and adapting them to the Latin American market demands.

“Our declared goal as Seven Refractories is to bring the most advanced, modern and environmentally friendly refractory solutions to the global market. Teaming up with PROCER is a significant step for our world-wide presence”, as Roman Cheglov explains in a strategic outlook.

PROCER’s CEO Luiz Cláudio Palhares expresses similar expectations about the partnership: “We have observed the impressive growth path of Seven Refractories over the last decade and have always admired the orientation towards innovation and customer service. Therefore, we are very pleased about the new partnership, which carries great promise for both companies and especially for our existing and future customers.”

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