IREFCON – 12th India International Refractories Congress: Launch of Dalmia Seven Joint Venture

All eyes of the refractories industry were on New Delhi in early March, as the 12th India International Refractories Congress took place. The goal of IREFCON is to share information, experiences and ideas, to learn and to update the refractory industry in as many aspects of refractories development and applications as possible.

For Dalmia OCL and Seven Refractories, this was the perfect moment to present their joint venture DALMIA SEVEN to the world of refractories experts. Both Sameer Nagpal, CEO – RefractoriesDalmia Bharat Group and Mr. Erik Zobec, CEO of Seven Refractories, attended the high calibre event.

Chairing IREFCON’s first-ever CEO-roundtable on ‘Collaborating in times of uncertainty – challenges and opportunities’, Mr Sameer Nagpal led the discussion around the future of collaborations between refractory makers, users, raw material companies and the government and how the Indian refractory industry can support government’s vision of producing 300 mil tons of steel by 2030. The star-studded panel included: Dr. Rainer Gaebel – MD Refratecnik, Mr. R Steiner – Global Sales Head – RHI-M, Mr. Tom Vert – VP, Operations, ArcelorMittal, Dofasco, Mr. Jean-Christophe, VP India and EMEA, Kerneos, Mr. Subroto Roy, MD Vesuvius India, Mr. Ish Mohan, MD Calderys India, Mr. Heiki Miki, Managing Executive Officer, Shinagawa and Mr. Mike O’Driscoll, Informed.

»For us, the IREFCON in New Delhi was the ideal venue to present our the vision and the promise of Dalmia Seven to the world«, summarizes Girolamo Rossi, CEO of Dalmia Seven. »With a modern plant in centrally located Katni, we are able to provide the thriving Indian steel, iron, and cement industries with the most cutting edge products. As of April 1st, the Katni plant will be fully under the joint Dalmia Seven management – a true milestone for the company.«

The new company was prominentely featured with a presentation by Giuliano Copetti, Group Technical Manager at Seven Refractories. The topic “Development and Application of “Green”, Environmentally Friendly Refractory Materials for the Iron & Steel Production Cycle” proved to be of vital interest to an audience keenly interested in high-performing and sustainable refractory materials.