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guides all steps of our project from initial concepts to final post-control stages.

Seven’s engineers conduct:

  1. preliminary studies and complete investigations forthe entire project,
  2. resulting in the project design, its architecture definition, including the bill of materials,
  3. all the necessary thermal calculations, being heat flows some of the most important features to be considered in every refractory installation.




Based on the choice of suitable materials and installation methods, each project is guided by our engineering and installation team.
In addition to our own human resources, our engineers often train staff from clients and contractors in the correct application and maintenance techniques or equipment usage.

Projects by Seven Refractories are supervised and monitored by experienced technicians who are also in charge of giving technical advice and of reaching and monitoring the results defined for the project in agreement with the customer.

In addition, our Research & Development teams as well as our laboratories are staffed with trained technicians to ensure the quality of our innovation processes and applications. A dedicated engineering staff is also responsible for the development of technical drawings that Seven Refractories issues as fundamental technical documentation for all our projects.

Decades of experience

Across all our production plants, subsidiaries and agencies, Seven Refractories commands a large number of engineers and technicians with a profound experience.

Mechanical, civil, construction, chemical engineers as well as organic and non-organic chemists build up the background of the whole technical staff in Seven Refractories, with professionals coming from experiences matured in multiple sectors of the industrial and non-industrial environments, all of it resulting in a wide-spectrum expertise, skills and capability available to better suit the various, specific needs of our customers.

Modular Hearth Shield for the iron industry

Here, a combination of specifically designed block shapesforms the protective monolithic layer for the hearth of the blast furnace, the core of the production process in the iron industry.

Since Seven Refractories is a trusted expert also for the most challenging situations, we often design our solutions to involve several techniques, for example a combination of gunning and shotcreting.

For situations and locations where the usage of human labor would be too cumbersome orinadvisable due to other reasons, we take recourse to the usage of robots, some of which we develop inhouse.