Aluminium: New Brochure by Seven Refractories

Seven Refractories’ increasing commitment to serving the aluminium industry has recently been recognized with a new dedicated brochure.

The primary aluminium production industry extracts metallic aluminium from minerals. Afterwards aluminium is reprocessed by different factories, which use several type of furnaces for the production of aluminium products or semi-finished products. The cycle of aluminium metal processing is complex and made by various types of furnaces which melt, treat, refine, remelt and reprocess aluminium products, semi-finished products and scrap in many steps.

„It is in these remelting stages that modern refractory products are mainly used, while the primary aluminium production relies on refractory bricks“, explains Marco Tonidandel, who was responsible for the development of the brochure. „Aluminium has a strong affinity for oxygen, which leads to different mechanisms of oxidation of molten aluminium alloys. This can result in the unwanted development of corundum, which can be prevented by the targeted usage of modern refractories.“

The brochure discusses various types of applications from round top charge melting and holding furnaces, tilting furnaces, shaft type reverberator furnaces, electric heating furnaces, channel inducation furnaces, road transfer ladles, and rotary drum furnaces.

A summary table gives an overview of the relevant product range by Seven Refractories.